A Master at Work…

RJD2 will always remind me of the first summer I spent in the Mish.  In particular, the cheerful, laidback, understated grandeur of his anthemic song ‘Ghostwriter’, will always dredge up images of trying to longboard, scrounging for food and getting to know the Hill and surrounding areas.  After seeing him at The Paradise earlier this year, he proved to emanate a similar kind of understated, laidback genius.

(I’m sure Mo will remember that we, on the other hand, had no such class… grinning, sweaty, hyped-up idiots might better describe us… see photographic evidence below.)

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… I’m thinking of making a video (a sort of ‘Day in the Life of …’ thing) around Mission Hill, with Ghostwriter as the soundtrack.

A video camera is still firmly on my list of ‘things I would like but cannot afford’ so if anyone would like to offer their services as a cameraman/creative contributor… I think it might be a fun project!

More RJD2:


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