Hello Boston!


Lara here!  Popping my “Blog-cherry”, so to speak… and what better occasion than the one-year anniversary of the day I moved to Mission Hill?  Very romantic!

(Know that I do not mock the hill, but speak of it with a peculiar, whimsical fondness… Seriously! I actually got all inspired wrote a poem about it!)

Now, for those of you who don’t know me, I’m ‘the one with the accent’ at The Savant Project… and I’ve been a-thinking…

Bartenders we may be;
Quick-talking, fast-thinking,
Street-smart and fashion-savvy we may seem;
We may charm you with our banter, spike you with our cocktails,
Soothe your woes with a shot and a smile…
But financially endowed we are NOT!

…and that is why I’m combining my eye for bargains, passion for bartending, love of Boston, and flair for the arty-farty to bring you:

Thrifty Tips for Brassic Bartenders!


(Please Note: I refuse to correct my British vocabulary OR spelling – there’s a reason why it’s called “The Queen’s English”. Don’t worry though, I have a Glossary so you can learn what the difficult words mean.)



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2 responses to “Hello Boston!

  1. Peter Gee


  2. Ammendment: Sadly, I am no longer ‘the one with the accent’ at The Savant Project. My time there has ended. Boo.

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